“A great coach tells you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”




Toni R.

JD did such a great job this week hosting a workshop for our summer inters. We truly enjoyed going on an in depth journey about Writing at Amazon. JD has the ability to be informative, all while keeping everyone consistently engaged. Thank you again, JD for contributing to their Amazon Intern experience.

Soumen G.

JD is an awesome coach! We had a great session on Business Writing with him.

Amy S.

JD is a master when writing is about, plus his teaching skills are great! He made the Writing workshop a place where everybody could succeed at it.

Laura S.

I really enjoyed JD Writing Workshop! Great guidance, examples and practical tips, Thanks so much for passion invested in the sessions.

Natalia V.

We just had our Training workshop with JD. He is fantastic!! Great trainer, he knows how to guide the team, and give you the confident to write. Thanks very much, JD. I am happy to meet so inspiring amazonians as you.

April C.

JD put on an awesome work shop, he had great flow and really knew how to make it interactive. When asked, he readily provided the slide for the class too, even though I’m sure he had dozens of chimes to get to! Awesome job JD! Thanks for everything!

Jack B.

The Writing in Amazon Course run by JD was great, really insightful, and would recommend it to anyone looking to develop their skills.

Maria R.

It was an amazing workshop, he did an amazing job!